Heart, Mercedes – Kill ‘Em With Kindness

We’ve taken this podcast to a whole new level as we invited our very first bloggers onto an episode.

We hung out with Wandering Us, a hiking, traveling, food blog run by a local couple in Decatur. We highlighted some of their favorite ATL finds as well as a run down of some Georgia hiking trails to fuel your nature lover.

Heart, Mercedes – owned and operated by Mercedes of the Wandering Us blog- sponsored the episode. Feel inspired by her story of kindness, positivity, giving back, and loving one another.

This episode is being dedicated to my former English professor at Mercer University, Dr. Anya Silver, who taught me spunk and sass in its rawest form and consistently stood up for the things she believed in. Dr. Silver, your memory will live on through the poetry you’ve left us behind.

Need the link to the patreon account, we got you boo: http://www.patreon.com/excusemyatlsass

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