Golda Kombucha – Can We Get Grandma Golda On The Phone?

Kombucha has been used for over 2,000 years to help keep the digestive system healthy and functioning properly, but did you know we have a kombucha brewery right here in the heart of Atlanta?

Hang out with us as we chat it up with Melanie, owner and operator of Golda Kombucha. Melanie learned how to make kombucha from her Grandmother, Golda, who has been brewing up her own kombucha for over 40 years.

We even got Grandma Golda on the phone to hear what this sassy 98 year old had to say about this elixir as well as dove into why this beverage should be part of your daily routine.

Need the link to the patreon account? We got you, boo:

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